GOYO Adventures works with a variety of highly-qualified professionals, teachers, guides, coaches, motivators, and adventure outfitters. The individuals below represent our GOYO Hosted Retreats Leaders. We also work with partners all over the globe to help provide other teachers the opportunity to host their own retreats through the partnerships of GOYO and our Global Adventures.


Emily Danica Steingart

Owner, wellness teacher
Co-founder of GOYO adventures and currently residing in Breckenridge, Colorado. I provide a class that is tailored to your needs whether it be to gain relief from chronic pain, facilitate injury recovery, improve flexibility, reduce stress, improve well-being, ease depression, or simply retain your youthfulness and energy. My trainings have included, trauma informed mindfulness, trauma recovery yoga, yoga therapy, iyengar yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition, mindfulness and meditation. Through my passion for travel, I have learned that id rather travel with intention. To make each trip an offering to something greater. To have purpose, share, create, learn with each adventure. Through these wellness adventures, it has provided me the space to feel vulnerable, open, honest, and fully connected to ME! The ability to connect, explore, and step out of my comfort zone has led me to wonderful locations, amazing trainings, and with strength to be the best version of myself. My true passion lies in the efforts to combine travel and humanitarian work. I have traveled to Haiti with YogaHOPE offering the TIMBo training, which brings elements of safe touch, healing through experience and awareness to communities in need. My personality is expressed through my teachings and my travel experiences have created a greater awareness and acceptance with every encounter I make. Lets adventure!

Emma Kelleher

Massage Therapist

Jane Matthews


Katie Gilbert

Massage Therapist

Kimberly Marschner

Marketing/Web Development/Ambassador

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My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our first yoga retreat thanks to GOYO Adventures. The house was nestled in a beautiful area and had lots of space. The chef was incredible and all of his food was flavorful and 5 star! The acupuncturist and massage therapists were experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. The guided yoga and meditation were just the right amount and I left feeling calm, relaxed and at peace. The customer service and planning that goes into these trips is really incredible and they have a great team. I can't wait for my next retreat!
Molly Elizabeth
Santa Fe, NM 2018