6 Tips for Clean Living, Vitality and Energy Inside and Out I Leslie Glenn

6 Tips for Clean Living, Vitality and Energy Inside and Out

HydrateCleanse1. Eat Clean. Summer is a great opportunity to eat fresh, local foods, hit up the farmers markets and enjoy cooling, raw ingredients to balance the heat of the summer. Eat clean and nourish yourself with whole, unadulterated foods that contain the intelligence of nature to increase vitality, vigor, alertness. Ween out sugars and processed foods. Incorporate detoxifying whole foods into your diet including dark leafy greens, veggies, beets, apples, avocado, artichokes, seaweed, garlic, sesame seeds too. Try adding a fresh veggie juice or super food smoothie to your daily routine.

2. Hydrate & Cleanse. Hydration is key. Keep your body healthy with plenty of water. Try adding a few drops of doTERRA citrus oils like Lemon, Wild Orange, Slim & Sassy or Ginger to your water, juice or smoothies to assist internal cleansing too. I start each day with warm water and lemon oil and it has transformed my gut health, metabolism, digestion and pre-hydrates me for the day. Our gut health and digestion has a direct effect on our overall health both physically, mentally and emotionally. A healthy belly helps us to assimilate food properly and digest our experiences, emotions and life on a sensory level as well.

Green juice3. Nature Reboot. Spend time outside, feel the warm sunshine on your skin, breathe in the sweet summer air. Time in nature has a healing and purifying effect on the mind, body and soul. Exercise is also great tool to stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic system and clear out the heaviness and stress in the body. Nature fuels the soul, connecting to the vastness and beauty fosters expansion and growth in our lives.


Clean Green4. Clean Green. Make over your cleaning routine, keep your house chemical free. Cut out the harmful and harsh chemical products and make DIY household cleaners with essential oils that are healthy for yourself and loved ones. Clean and purify the air by using OnGaurd, Purify or Citrus Oils in the Diffuser. Get lighter and declutter, donating anything you no longer need to those in need. It’s amazing how much clearer you can think when your closet and house is free of clutter.


5. Be Mindful. Incorporate a mindful practice into your daily routine, a time to be present, reflect, connect. This could be taking a moment to breathe consciously each day, yoga, meditation, journalling, coloring, creating, abhyanga-self massage, watching the sunset or taking a walk. Find a practice that help you to connect your mind, body and soul, to fall in love with life everyday.

Nature Reboot6. Digital Detox. All the screen time in our lives can overwhelm our senses and wear on the health of our brain, eye-sight, vitality, sleep patterns. Take a break from the screens and “unplug” one hour before bed for better sleep. Be mindful to balance your screen time daily with more nourishing activities like quality time in nature, connecting with friends and family, reading, creating, setting an intention or any of the other mindful practices.


Happy Summer! With love ❤ Leslie

Leslie’s passion for yoga and life is contagious. She was introduced to yoga 16 years ago and it has remained an anchor of balance, growth, and radiance during her travels as a professional snowboarder and in her daily life; following the lead of her heart wherever she goes.

Her classes blend alignment, breath, creative sequencing and intention steeped in the traditions of Tantra Hatha Yoga to inspire courage, grace, and freedom for students. By integrating yoga, a sense of adventure, healthy lifestyle and mindful practices she hopes to inspire others to find balance, space and freedom in their lives, unlock their full potential and shine bright.

She is excited to combine her love of yoga, wanderlust and adventure with a retreat in the South Pacific this fall, Culture in Cambodia October 21-28, 2016. Committed to yoga as a life-long journey, she continues to study, learn and grow attending workshops and trainings whenever possible.