Colorado Camping

Starting at $450
September 18-20, 2020 Yoga Massage Cooking Lessons

Lets reconnect safely

Lets join together in the outdoors as we experience all of the elements of nature. Bring your tent and sleeping gear and we will supply all of the food and cooking equipment. Enjoy daily yoga, hiking, journaling, cooking, and to top it off, a massage! This weekend is about connecting in new ways. Allow yourself to explore in the fresh air and ground into the earths roots. If you have never camped before, you are welcome to join...just let us know and we can arrange gear rentals.

Whats Included


Gentle yoga for all levels. increase flexibility, strength, bone health, blood flow, boost immunity, helps you focus, relaxes your nervous system and helps to find balance.


Enjoy one massage to help reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. Our professionals will assist in specific ailments. Simply enjoy the feelings of comfort and connection.

Cooking Lesson

Join our chef as we prepare our meals together. Ingredients and stoves will be provided. We will work together as a team assisting in cleaning duties, prep, and cooking.

Hike, Bike, Hang, Swim

You choose your daily adventure. Let this be a time to tune inward. Hike, Bike, Write, Relax, Walk....Wherever you wander, bring a buddy and be mindful.

Amazing people, amazing food!:) perfect location with such great energy. The whole experience was very enriching.
Jess R