Adventure and Yoga; It’s A Way of Life! By: Erica Morgan

Adventure and Yoga; It’s A Way of Life

By: Erica Morgan

Yoga and adventure; two things that appear to be in stark contrast to one another. Yoga is an ancient practice of developing harmony between mind, body, and spirit, and is often associated with peace, calm, and clarity. Adventure on the other hand, is often associated with thrilling stimulation, spontaneity, and excitement, and generally accepted as the pursuit of any unusual, daring, and perhaps borderline risky experience. Yoga can be considered an exploration of whats happening within, inner space, while adventure can be considered an exploration of whats happening outside, outer space.

So is it possible that there are similarities between the two, despite their almost opposition to one another? If we take a deeper look, we can easily identify some common threads. So let’s jump in!

Living In The Now

Yoga trains us to dwell deeply in each moment throughout our practice. To just be, and learn to find contentment in that being, with no worry of whats coming next. And adventure encourages us to take life by the horns and seize the day. At the core, they are both valuable teachers for learning how to be present. Because the present moment is the only place where we actually exist, where we breathe, where our hearts beat, where we are truly alive. They teach us to let go of the past, surrender to the future, and truly live in the now, capturing the beauty and magic of every passing moment.

It’s About The Journey, Not The Destination

Just like yoga is not about touching your toes or arriving at the perfect posture, adventure is not about arriving at a certain goal or destination either. Instead, they both revolve around the journey inward. And through that inward journey we are faced with obstacles and challenges that stimulate growth. They remind us that everything we need to be content and happy is deep within ourselves- and can not be found in any other person, place, or thing.

The Power To Connect

Another intangible similarity is their ability to heighten our awareness of unity. Through the exploration of inner space with yoga, and the exploration of outer space with adventure, we become more aware of the depth of our connection- to one another, ourselves, nature, and the entirety of the world and universe. And because of that awareness we become more compassionate and grateful towards life and all living beings because we understand that how we act, live, think, and feel will be reflected in the world in which we live and create.

Expanding Our Limits And Comfort Zones

Yoga and adventure are known for revealing our physical and mental boundaries. But with practice and experience in both, we are capable of pushing those boundaries little by little, progressing, and creating space for new possibilities. And they encourage us to move outside of those boundaries, by stepping out of our comfort zones. Whether it’s traveling alone somewhere new, jumping off a waterfall, or holding a yoga pose for longer than we are used to, yoga and adventure teach us to find comfort and pleasure in the uncomfortable.

So it’s clear that yoga and adventure are actually very similar at their core. Simply put, they are just different paths that lead to the same discovery of our inner voice. But a path is made up of many many stones. Some people prefer the stones of adventure and other prefer the stones of meditation. And some, prefer a mixture of stones.

I found the first stone on my yoga teaching path with Meta Yoga Studios in Breckenridge Colorado in 2012. Colorado is where my passion for both yoga and adventure intertwined as they took root, and began growing in a mutualistic relationship. Juli and Emily, the co-founders of GOYO Adventures, were both present as I embarked on that journey, to teach yoga with no idea as to where it would lead. Hence the adventure. I did not expect it to ever come full circle; to be writing this blog post, connecting with you, and joining their team to lead yoga adventure retreats. But I am, and I’m stoked. Because now, by leading yoga adventure retreats, Im able to share my passion with you, and guide you along your own individual path of adventure, and spread the stoke together, one namaste and exhilarating high five at a time.

So the only question left to ask is….Where will you GOYO!? 

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